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Uhhhuhhoneyxo T R U E A S F t Truths Real talk and

Uhhhuhhoneyxo T R U E A S F t Truths Real talk and


Yup some of y'all twist the meaning of a down as female | Posts. | Pinterest | Quotes, Facts and Real talk quotes



Heart breaking and exhausting. This little man speaks truth.

on some real shit right now. I'm in my own doing what I gotta do. I literally don't need anyone to do my job.

Not completely flat tho. Find this Pin and more on TRUE ASF ...

Real Talk · JamiiiePooh♛

Facts #OwnUpToThePartYouPlayed

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Nah need a “wya come see me” cause ain't no nigga coming to my mama house

1511 best facts images on Pinterest in 2018 | Real talk, Twitter quotes and Tweet quotes

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god and protect image

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Think it's the weather 🤷🏽 ♀ #RealTalk

but with that being said, I don't like loneliness

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Oh so many bitches but it's okay. The baddest always come out on top so

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This is true.

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Fuck how i feel, love me lol don't feed into my stubbornness lol

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True asf ❗️

been over 3 years and you still talking shit 😒 and became best friends with my ex like y'all bitches petty.

Lmao I don't be having these problems | Deepest Tweets ❗ | Pinterest | Memes, Real talk and Queen quotes

The line of my life

"You mean the world to me" #snapchat #spanish | true asf! | Pinterest | Memes, You mean the world to me and Snapchat

10 Relationship Facts I Wish I Knew Sooner

That's true asf u never know when someone is actually in pain bcuz they hide it

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Fr!!! She ain't gonna be smarter than me and if she is my personality better and if it's not I'm still better and you know jt

I don't give a shit bout shit nigga


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Beeep to blessed

Other than the homegirl part this shit true asf


Yes preach 😂

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TheNorwegianPrincess♚ Riiighhtt! My parents act like they don't know me lol

LOL you're a real one if you know what this means

Puhhlleasee...don't play me for a lame. Don't let your insecurities show, they make you look WEAK!

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To keep it real; you weren't holding me down, you were holding me back.


But my dad raised me not a mom.

At a point in my laugh Happiness is key and i'm seeking for it.

Those girs where everyone wants to cum but nobody wants to stay.

If you judging based off of other people's opinions than you don't need to know me PERIODT‼️


When your heart is pure & true, God has a way of making sure everything works out in your favor!

Respect the Law😂

this is real shit here.

Because they're not done proving things to their self

So clap it up for all the real niggas fuckin with one loyal female!

Right I think ima go off the grid but ima still do streaks

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Shit Really Doesn't Phase Me Anymore. Not One Person Can Say Or Do Anything That Would Surprise Me. Just That Day In Age.

TRUE ASF if I'm quiet around you something you did makes me uncomfortable,

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Lmaoo ain't this the truth

This goes to the bich that don't like me bc I'm wit the boy she's liked since 3rd grade

Yesss...life goes on

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Tell me abt it

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And that's when he realizes she'll NEVER be good enough, she'll never be you. THE TRUTH


Exactly cause I was called an 'Oreo' because I like Childish Gambino and SZA years ago but now everybody wanna claim they black and they love them.

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Yo fr cuz I be sein girls n they ugly asf but they swag be on point doe...smh


True asf cuz I'm goofy AF I just love to laugh I can't help it it's part of my personality

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