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Latest 7681024 Steven universe t Steven universe

Latest 7681024 Steven universe t Steven universe


Sorry for the inactivity and deleting all mi pics, I didn't think I would come back :1 but I decided to start posting here again!

I've just been thinking this for the last few days. What if Pink wasn't shattered but that was her plan to vanish quietly. Not I know that is strange but.

This issue was easily the best I've read in the comics. The paper issue I own has the cover by Missy Peña! Plot: Steven ...

As much as I love the cartoon series, I never quite like the comics quite as much. They all read like filler episodes, which is fun but not as enjoyable as ...

... below! i realized i haven't drawn her in her homeworld form yet so i might make two versions of the drawing! lemme know if you want to see it :eyes:

Purple Diamond (Blue Diamond + Pink Diamond) Steven Universe Fusion, Steven Universe Theories

... my second entry but I don't like my original one, so here's take 2!) some of the colours off but I have limited marker colours so this will have to do~

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I didn't find out this existed until the day before it came out. And I wanna stress how unusual that is. I'm usually so up on what's coming out months ahead ...

Who Is Your Favourite Steven Universe Human

'Creamsicle' fusion.jpg

As much as I love the cartoon series, I never quite like the comics quite as much. They all read like filler episodes, which is fun but not as enjoyable as ...

... Steven Universe is about Steven, Lapis, and Peridot entering a fall cooking contest. The paper issue I bought has the subscription cover by Kat Tsai!

Lapis Pre Regeneration.jpg

Aquamarine, ty @lime_spacepic.twitter.com/Oyou2JOpMc Steven Universe Comic

80s sugilite.jpg

As with many comics originally released in individual issues, the publishers later released this trade paperback compilation of the issues--5 through 8 in ...

When I try to explain steven universe to my friends but they don't get it | Steven Universe Amino

#1771774 - artist:yogurthfrost, connie maheswaran, crossover, equestria girls, garnet (steven universe), human, humanized, over the garden wall, ...

If the art wasn't enough, both aquamarine and topaz are saying their recognizable and ICONIC catchphrases.


Universe · by @michthekat on Drawcast

Steven Universe Art on Twitter: "Here's some Pink Diamond fanart for everyone~ Source: https://t.co/w8oi35ioR1 #stevenuniverse #SU #crystalgems… "

I made this last night because why not and I was really tired so I don't know how to feel about. I really love rhodonite she's so cute! Anyway I hope enjoy!

This issue's full-color story features Steven and the Gems going camping. Steven's having trouble locating the place he always camps with Dad, ...

The Diamonds (Fan Art).jpg

Opal in the 80s.jpg

... family's car to be impounded because of tickets, no one can do deliveries for Fish Stew Pizza, and Kofi is furious. (Not to mention Jenny can't use the ...

#932867 - artist:pomihei, jasper (steven universe), lapis lazuli (steven universe), peridot (steven universe), ponified, safe, steven universe - Derpibooru ...

As much as I love the cartoon series, I never quite like the comics quite as much. They all read like filler episodes, which is fun but not as enjoyable as ...

Steven Universe Cosplay: Lion by Dallywag ...

Piiinnnk! Yellow is being mean to me agaun I was not! Blue you need

I had a few failed designs before I settled on the last one. But I deleted them so... Yeah. I don't know what else to say.

I feel so proud of this piece and I think that its my best so far. I tried to incorporate both aspects of Pink and Rose in there, especially with the gem ...

Steven universe,фэндомы,Lapis Lazuli,Jasper,Jaspis,Lapidot,SU comics


Steven Universe Art on Twitter: "Drew a Lapis for water practice. Source: https://t.co/G57FBleQ2a #stevenuniverse #SU #crystalgems… "

Steven Universe Gang by gissele365 ...

Aquamarine Gemsona - Old Design (Steven Universe) by Mika-Himura ...

Steven universe, diamonds, pink diamond

Last time I was here my art was really bad. So I'm happy to say that I'm back and my art is better than ever! It's still not as good as everybody ...

I don't want to dress up as Garnet for a costume anywhere, but the individual pieces looked neat and I thought it might be fun to have, so I got one.

Garnet, the cool mom 1 Steven Universe The Answer, Cartoon Network, Garnet Steven

steven universe memes - Google Search

Steven Universe x Tron Legacy: Rutile (Digital) by Mystic2760 ...

We Bare Bears/Steven Universe - Chloe, Connie, Steven

I had no idea on how to draw portal guns so I got some honey and plenty of reference. I also didn't put that much effort because.

Steven Universe Art on Twitter: "[Fanart] I drew Pink Diamond in my art style Source: https://t.co/NpUNVx1tdv #stevenuniverse #SU #crystalgems… "

Steven Universe Young Fusions

5:47 AM - 11 May 2018

I'm sorry Steven, but I cannot stay here with you. Look at

Crystal gem lapis..jpeg

Steven Universe Art on Twitter: "Ready for the Infinity War! Source: https://t.co/BbzVcjoDs4 #stevenuniverse #SU #crystalgems… "

Steven universe Pokemon team series by Sablgardragonchrist

Ruby can't stay mad at her

The Gems set up camp--with a few glitches--and Steven teaches them to make s'mores, then tells a scary story.

Forgot to color a spot. Lars of the Stars 7:30pm PST folks! Don't miss dab dab dab bingo bongo dab #stevenuniversepic.twitter.com/A4TT4Yq7fD

Steven Universe OC: Pounamu by LunaTheNightFury ...

A messy young Pearl doodle

10:47 PM - 8 Mar 2018

Orange Zircon

Lapis Lazuli, school girl...or maybe sailor? I can't tell. The only thing for sure is: she's cute!

Steven Universe | SU OC | Pearlsona | Black Pearl

Last week I drew my first Steven Universe fan art :0 I love Lars Xd Honestly this isn't that awful for a first attempt

Pin by Lucas Gray on Steven Universe | Pinterest | Lapis lazuli, Steven universe and Universe

Beccawashere blue mammal cartoon fictional character vertebrate nose head cobalt blue mythical creature organ

(Old SU oc) Peridot: Steven Universe by fuzzball17 ...

Steven universe .... I you really want her to come Back ... poor jasper

Oh Steven. Found on Drawendo's Tumblr // lol pearl after too is like "Haha lol noooo" yeah okay pearl sure

Also cute

... Steven Universe t-shirt, and I am very happy with my purchase!!! And I was thinking if I should maybe do a face reveal in this post, so comment down ...

Steven Universe: Blue Peridot (Digital) by Mystic2760 ...

... "In the Steven Universe universe you can play Golf Quest, Firewatch Arcade, 30 Flights of Caring, and Eating Contest ❤❤❤… https://t .co/i23icpjsp5"

23A-SKIDO0.TUMBLR.COM pink clothing vision care cartoon design

Obsidian's weapon: Steven Universe OC by RoyalDiamonds ...

Peridot New Year wish by Steven Universe storyboard artist Lauren Zuke !

3:06 PM - 11 Apr 2015

Bob doodles

FACEBOOKTUMBLRREDBUBBLESOCIETY6YOUTUBE Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar/Cartoon Network I wanted to make another video about Steven Universe and I've been ...

Chibi Sardonyx from Steven Universe

I love svtfoe & steven universe

Steven Universe Art on Twitter: "[OC] Steven Universe Tarot Concepts - Part 2 Source: https://t.co/cqxLwJyCGf #stevenuniverse #SU #crystalgems… "

Steven Universe · Peridots · Peridot Edit! Feel free to use it as a screensaver ^^ *DON'

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out #304

Steven Universe shoes I painted! More pictures in comments.

Sa Zu line art cartoon text mammal vertebrate comics black and white drawing fiction comic book

clothing face cartoon joint nose head text art drawing girl sketch illustration


Sadie's pumpkin donut wins the award, but she doesn't mind sharing her ribbon with Peridot.