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Just a quick PD Steven Universe t

Just a quick PD Steven Universe t


So Now Steven has Diamonds in his eyes, unlike other times when he has star. so if I'm not colourblind he is wearing white pinkish jacket (or whatever that ...

Using a post from Starry- Eyes as a reference, we can assume that Amethyst aged surprisingly fast.

TheoryQuick thought: What if Steven gets poofed and like every gem, retreats into his gemstone. Then there she is inside the gem, his mother, Pink/Rose.

just a quick PD - Magic Mango · Pink Diamond suSteven universe ...

Like I said, before I have no problem with the character Lars is now. I DO have a problem, however, with the transition. Because there wasn't one. Steven ...

Steven Universe spends two intense episodes in space with a new Lars and an old fusion

FanartI ...

Did anyone else catch this?

Connie, but she always had short hair

Quick theory that's probs not a thing but like,,, what if pink diamond's hair is kinda like lapis's....like her hair begins to get m… | Steven Universe ...

Control yourself PD! Pink Diamond Steven Universe, Steven Universe

I'm happy PD is finally revealed, but what about WD?

Steven universe one shots

In in denial, theres no way cute/bratty PD is Rose Quartz

Pink Diamond Likes Pink Floyd [Redraw] by itsaaudraw Steven Universe Pictures, Steven Universe

Rose(PD) didn't give the equal love that Pearl did to her, but Steven did.

Dove Self-Esteem Project x Steven Universe: Teasing and Bullying | Rebrn.com

Crystal Clear - A Steven Universe Series S3 • E2

Jinkx voices her own gem for Steven Universe.

I wanted to tell you for so long ...

“Steven Universe: ...

Steven Universe / Shadow by TrustyArts ...

I can't really put my finger on what exactly bothers me about this episode. For the most part, it's another episode that's just kind of there, but something ...

Short Hair Connie by ExOh9

Steven Universe Review and Rant: Your Mother and Mine

The mystery of who used to own Pearl, our Pearl, before she join Rose Quartz's rebellion remains one of the most hotly debated topics in the Steven Universe ...

Art Blog —

first off, let's take a quick look at the diamond mural. lovely, isn't it? now, take note of the diamond's gem placements.

PD and RQ fanart by LS990


HumorThis ...

“SU has height inconsistency REEEEEEEE”

White Diamond's Mysterious Truth Seal - Steven Universe Theory - clipzui.com

Also, look at yellow pearls face when zircon accuses the diamonds of shattering PD!

Pink diamond ❤ Es tan hermosa, es una lastima que la hayan asesinado(? No sabia que dibujar y como vi los nuevos capítulos de Steven Universe, aproveche en ...

In 'Alone At Sea', just before Jasper scales the ship, Lapis confides to Steven about how she feels after being separated from Malachite.

Answer: Personally, I don't think so. When she was talking about the corrupted gems, she was also talking about how Homeworld had a system and an order that ...

But woooooow, the Crewniverse needs to stop giving him his own episodes. First we had Keep Beach City Weird, a fairly meh episode that was very ...

Part 1 if Haven't you noticed I'm a Star. #stevenuniverse

Steven Universe - Stranded Special Event (Promo)

Oh shit

My deviantart: [SeviperSlayer|https://www.deviantart.com/seviperslayer/art/On-The-Way-To-Wreck-These-Clods-759118299] #peridot #gif #stevenuniverse ...

Steven Universe new promo

PS. thanks guys

Ignore the watermark thats just my dA and Im too lazy to transfer the original image

Perhaps one of the most memorable minor characters in Steven Universe is Blue Diamond. She's been an imposing yet mysterious presence in the show.

It suggested that PD was possibly poofed in order to reform “properly” since the two depictions look so different. That coupled with YD being rough with ...

mammal cartoon fictional character vertebrate anime mythical creature

Now look at the Pink Diamond mural ...

[ IMG]

“Steven Universe: Art & Origins,” (frequently referred to by fans simply as “the art book”) makes it clear the the Crystal Gems' gem placements are some of ...

THESE ARE SO BADLY DONE BUT IDC. If I ever do something like this again

Steven Universe Characters X Reader Oneshots

So um…

And then there's Homeworld. Something that has been built up since season one and we get a single glimpse of it. A huge part of the Wanted Arc was finally ...

And that is why I believe Steven Universe is garbage.

[ IMG]

Are cows a wild animal that people hunt for sport in this universe?

Haven't you noticed I'm a Star. #stevenuniverse

... but it's obvious in this shot!

... after setting Rhodonite's height from this image with Garnet, so it should be relatively accurate. Opal was also scaled compared to Garnet. We haven't ...

The Story Of Rose Quartz ( Steven Universe )

Twice ...

[ IMG]

It plays as they sing “The odds are against us; it won't be easy but we're not going to do it alone!” as they show Homeworld gems looming in the ...

Rose is not the only gem with feminine body parts

"This is your king"

•God I just want it to end. •[

[ IMG]

I'd like to think her weapon could be a trident. But what do

And Eye Ball and Steven did have an (admittedly short) bonding moment in the episode “Bubbled”.

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[ IMG]

Just kneel down and feel our power... • • •

Now how is Steven so short? If Rose and Greg are tall, and Greg

... http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/steven-universe/images/f/ff/The_mural_in_Serious_Steven.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150324222026 ...


By the second scan, Garnet has already moved her hand up to block the lightning, which has only travelled a metre or two. Even if she can summon lightning ...

Crystal Clear IRL S1 • E2

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“Steven Universe : Art & Origins” Artbook - Preview 1 / 2 (from Amazon)

Lars will outlive sadie what a loser

Steven Universe - Half-Hour Special Event Stranded (Promo) HD

“Steven Universe : Art & Origins” Artbook - Preview 1 / 2 (from Amazon)

enter image description here

The NEW NEW Steven Universe Topic

Something I doodled a while ago. Just a quick White Diamond 😁 # stevenuniverse #

Tumblr obnts7pUNX1v1mb4vo1 500

Dale Hovarth's Mr. Universe Van from the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe

Me when i try to flirt but it ends up really awkward xD credit: discount

Just a quick colored line doodle, getting used to this

_.padparadscha 's contest ^^ credit: me - - - - - - - - - - #whitediamond #wd #bluediamond #bd #yellowdiamond #yd #pinkdiamond #pd #steven #universe ...