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I actually love the idea of frisk dying and sans forgetting abt the reset

I actually love the idea of frisk dying and sans forgetting abt the reset



Never Forget (Sans x Frisk)

'Cyan' Chapter 1 -Sans x Frisk Gen. Fanfic by Linklove93 on DeviantArt

Sans x Frisk

Forget!Tale Sans Design Refrence by SuperBecky

Good job sans, you've traumatized him ...

If you do it, Frisk, just remember one thing: You're REALLY not going to like what happens next.

The Last Reset (Sans X Reader)(Discontinued). Fanfiction. After Frisk died ...

Kid please don't reset again

Reset - Sans < < < < Papyrus, I don't feel so good

Love For Mercy||Sans X Frisk Fanfiction

Frisk, Chara, and Sans - comic:

whoops, the human died dont sweatt, theyll just reload ther save and none of

skeletosrex: fluffymilktea: “ DON”T FORGET ” THIS HURTS im so glad hes canon now holy shit

sans and frisk - worried about resets . . . I mean, it makes sense. Frisk is a character in this just like everyone else. The player is the one who dictates ...

Twisted Love » An UnderLust Story «

*ON HOLD* Don't Forget --- Undertale Fan-Fic (Sans x Frisk)

{G!Sans x Frisk}

UNDERRUN - Page 1 (sequel of The Dream & RESET series) Undertale AU/Fan comic/Sans/Gaster/Frisk/Aftertale

I- The Nature of a Reset and Who Remembers Them?

undertale, sans, frisk:

Unexpected Love (Chara x Sans) *On Hold*

Sans x Frisk || A Pirate love story

Dancetale makes me happy~ <3

Sans x frisk- it's raining somewhere else

A Love Triangle(Frisk/Chara/Sans)

Now this is really cool in its subtlety. US Papyrus with UT Sans on top, with their counterparts in the reflection. And don't forget Frisk in the back with ...

Dying Petals [Flowerfell Frisk x Sans] ~ Hiatus

One Flower Too Many|Flowerfell!Sans x Reader by ClanWarrior on DeviantArt

Is It Love? (A Sans X Frisk Story)

Resistance (G!Sans x Frisk)

I just realized that the time was 9:11


Reset ~ Sans x Older!Frisk

Reset - Sans and Frisk - comic


Under-Upper AU: Ch6 Page 17 by MichPajamaArtist ...

[ST] Forget... by Riku-of-Darkness on DeviantArt

Firstly we have to remember that sans in the check is labelled as "the easiest monster" and tecnically that is true. He can just deal 1 damage and has only ...

HenceNothingRemainsExceptForABadTime by McGasher

Sans x Pacifist!Reader by ClanWarrior on DeviantArt

G!Sans: God I love myself ...

Sans x Frisk Somewhere in the Waterfalls Chapter 1 by Doudy20 on DeviantArt

If you end your genocide run after being dunked by sans, restart the game, and do the neutral ending all on your first playthrough, flowey gives you these ...

Reset - Sans and Frisk - comic

... God I love myself ...

#21 Sans Died But you didn't kill him! THEORY!

Stronger Than You - Trio (Sans/Chara/Frisk) 1 hour | One Hour of... - YouTube

Stronger Than You - Chara Response (Undertale Animation Parody) - YouTube

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Sans's tears start to fall and realize what he just done... The last thing he see on the mirror was a black screen... The timeline has been Erased and the ...

Fell might hate me *My Fell Could NEVER hate his sweetheart, no matter what* FlowerFell Sans Version, and FlowerFell Frisk's Version(after smol break) ...

Now...there is some reasoning behind why I chose these alignments for these characters. AKA I didn't make Sans Lawful Good just because he's...Sans. I'll ...

I love when Sans and Frisk have a father and daughter like relationship ;-; it gives me LIFE

"Hey Frisk... Remember me? Come on.. Everyone wants to see you."

Would FRISK forgive her? My conclusion is that Frisk probably would, since they believe everyone deserves a second chance and some MERCY.

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Sans protects Gaster?【 Undertale Animation】Undertale Comic dubs Compilation

Stronger Than You (Trio || Instrumental) - Lyrics and Music by Sans, Chara, Frisk arranged by _Jack_Septic_Eye | Smule

Today, I am here to produce a theory on a very popular character, who rose to fame through their mystery alone. That character is the ever-cryptic Doctor ...

I did.”

I have to be sorta vague for plot reason but just keep in mind in game Sans never sees Chara as we, the player, saw them.

【Undertale Fan Animation】 The Last Sentence - YouTube

Reset - Sans and Frisk - comic


1.1.0] Why Sans DOESN'T Remember Timelines [Theory] | Undertale Amino

Stronger Than You Frisk/Chara Undertale - Lyrics and Music by eritunes arranged by SunsetShyBerry | Smule


Undertale Comic - RESET Page 3 Sequel to - The Dream Papyrus/Sans/Frisk /Comic/Fanart

Love - Glitchtale S2 Ep #4 (Part 2) (Undertale Animation)


Sans (25)

Undertale Preset to Reset

Frisk vs Betty

*Happy Birthday...Kiddo* | Undertale AUs Amino

Don't forget me Flowerfell sans x reader

Swap Sans



Me, Asriel, Frisk, and Sans! • • Tags anyone? • #

Undertale - How to Truly Reset After a Genocide Run (MAJOR SPOILERS) - YouTube

Afraid of Love (Sans x Frisk)

Lyrics: Undertale- Stronger Than You, Frisk/Sans

Lyrics: Stronger Than You (Sans/Frisk/Chara)