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A7mdmostafa39s public profile on Arabic Calligraphy t

A7mdmostafa39s public profile on Arabic Calligraphy t


Schoolwork about Islam triggers backlash in Virginia county - The Washington Post


How to Read Islamic Calligraphy

Bidaya Books

Arabic alphabet table

When I read that, when I saw Urdu's script being recognized as autonomous, it was a moment of sublimation. After my weeks of disappointments and dead ends, ...

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A beautiful text: How Arabic calligraphy illustrates faith. “

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Welcome to the Ummah. Asalaamu alaikum.

The facts about antibiotics (Arabic)(202 KB)


The works of Al-Ghazali firmly defended the concepts of Sufism within the Islamic faith.

Arabic, Chinese, English

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The Sunan ad-Darakutni, an important work for the implication of the Sunnah

Arabic Quran with interlinear Persian translation from the Ilkhanid Era.

The Arabic version of One Thousand and One Nights.


Scripts[edit]. Rohingya Arabic script

Figure 1: WeChat users have numerous ways to easily share an article posted by a

Updated dialog for defining a security exception

Since ads are super dumb and normally don't know about each other, they don' t share trackers but rather spin up multiple instances of even the same tracker ...

Arabic Speech Simplified! (ARS 100)

Nasta'liq calligraphy by Mir Emad Hassani, perhaps the most celebrated Persian calligrapher.

OpenMRS Distributions Program

Patron of the Journal Tolu-e-Islam[edit]

Camacho-Ali asked Muhammad to write the letter after she confronted him about his extramarital dalliances. Explain, she instructed him, why you embraced ...

99 names of Allah, in Chinese Sini (script)

Islamic Calligraphy and the Illustrated Manuscript

Examples of how the Arabic root and form system works

One of the oldest surviving Sanskrit manuscript page in Gupta script (~828 CE), discovered in Nepal.

The niqab, which leaves a gap for the eyes, will be banned along with

A tablet woven band, from a Viking burial site

The Facebook Privacy Setting That Doesn't Do Anything at All

Ednan Aslan from the University of Vienna says Islam is 'out of touch with the



How do we talk about architecture and poetry in a time of misinformation and war?

Figure 3: Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Interface

Armed police patrol at transport hubs have been increased after rush-hour attack

Liberal Berlin mosque to stay open despite fatwa from Egypt | World news | The Guardian

Khairuldeen Makhzoomi, who was escorted off his Southwest flight on April 6th, blamed the

1911 Ottoman calendar in Ottoman Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Armenian, Hebrew, French and Bulgarian

Figure 4: The warning message presented when a user accesses a censored WeChat Public Post reads, “The content has been reported by multiple people.

islamic pattern

Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defence League is escorted by the police as

Stop calling for a Muslim Enlightenment | Christopher de Bellaigue | World news | The Guardian

[File photo] Women wearing Islamic niqab veils stand outside the French Embassy in protest

'There is not even any commandment to forcibly cover the heads of Muslim women,

Analysts said the documents, which included many duplicates, revealed details of more than 4,000

#ن: How an Arabic letter was reclaimed to support Iraq's persecuted Christians

A woman wears an Islamic niqab veil

Знакомство с Vaadin (Russian Webinar)

5th Annual Islamic Arts Festival

Add Account command in the Backstage view


Netflix codes: How to access full library of hidden genres, films and TV shows | The Independent

The name of Ali with Islamic calligraphy in Hagia Sophia, (present-day Turkey)


Arabic script inscribed on a metal plate


Armed members of Islamic Jihad Movement, Al-Quds Brigades, are seen during a training in Deir al-Balah city of Gaza on November 25, 2014.

How language changes over time

Raymond Tang: Be humble -- and other lessons from the philosophy of water | TED Talk

The Code Noir, a decree passed by France's King Louis XIV in 1685. The Code Noir defined the conditions of slavery in the French colonial empire and ...

IS fighters

The team who work on 'The Lobby' with Al Jazeera are well-respected