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What if white diamond is I HAVE We Are The Crystal Gems

What if white diamond is I HAVE We Are The Crystal Gems


We Are the Crystal Gems

White Diamond Moon Base Picture

[[ Blue Diamond Chart

Steven Universe - The Crystal Gems are Diamonds AU (Crystal Authority AU)

Steven Universe White Diamond

Maybe fire is white diamond? White fire and Rose Quartz has plant powers it would make sense if Pink had that too

What if white diamond is: I HAVE

CRYSTAL GEMS AS DIAMONDS | Speedpaint by KitsuneZakuro ...

“If the theory that Pearls have the same gem placement as their owners is. “

The Crystal Gems vs. THE DIAMONDS! (Steven Universe: Reunited REVIEW)

#stevenuniverse #whitediamond #pinkdiamond

We are the diamonds we'll always rule space and if you think we can't we'll poof you away that's why the people of the this world serve Blue yellow and ...

This needs to be the ending of a season, then we should get more seasons for defeating blue and white diamond

The Pearl takes Steven, only Steven, to meet White Diamond, who lives in a greyscale filter while they shine, well … bright like a diamond.

Why White Diamond Missed The Trial/Homeworld Legal System Breakdown! - Steven Universe Wanted Theory

Crystal Clear - A Steven Universe Series S3 • E12

White Diamond EXPLAINED! - Steven Universe Theory/Breakdown

If the placement of the Pearls gem theory is true then Jasper was right. Our

Green Diamond Confirmed for Steven Universe: Heart of the Crystal Gems? [Theory]


Steven Universe: We Are The Crystal Gems - Music Video (Extended Intro) - YouTube

Steven Universe - Chill Mom White Diamond AU


... decided to draw whenever I first joined this community was the Blue Diamond mural on the moon base.. ever since that episode whenever the crystal gems ...

Our Pearl Belonged to White Diamond


Image: Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)

Image: Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)

Steven Universe | Fake White Diamond Leak

Steven Universe's Season 5 episode Reunited was like a series ending - Polygon

Image: Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)

Wait, so if this is OUR Pearl, doesn't this mean we know who her diamond used to be? She's all white in this frame, so wouldn't that make her the pearl of ...

Steven universe,фэндомы,Blue Diamond,SU Персонажи,Yellow Diamond,Pink Diamond

Anime style White Diamond would be so freaking cool!- BatXan

White Diamond and Pink Diamond eye design prediction

THE DIAMONDS NEED FUSION FOR POWER!- Steven Universe Theory (500 Sub Special) - YouTube

Crystal Clear - A Steven Universe Series S3 • E99

White Diamond by LaniWolves

What if when the diamonds fuse, they form Black Diamond?

If White Diamond destabilized auras (or minds) as her part in the attack, then it explains why Yellow and Blue had no idea their attack corrupted anything ...

Screenshot: Steven Universe (YouTube)

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Steven Universe MLP Version: The Diamonds by AnimeEmm.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt


White Diamond - Steven Universe White Diamond Steven Universe, Steven Universe Gem, Pink Diamonds

Considering how useful those extra powers fusions gain can be, it's hard to imagine why the Diamond Authority have fusion be such a taboo subject.

Pink Diamond? More like Rose QUARTZ. | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If there has been one recent cartoon that has gotten major applause for creating rich storylines filled with lore, it has to be Steven Universe.

SU Steven Universe X Reader

Pearl's Outfit and The Diamond Authority

Ok, my stars sometimes turned put as short lines and my line-art is wobbly, but I'm not too disappointed with how it came out.

Which Gems Belong To Which Faction Within The Great Diamond Authority | StevenUniverseTheoryZone Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Gems' coloring scheme?

White Diamond

“I think it's clear now Rose isn't Pink Diamond. Since PD's. “


You wouldn't think it, huh? Pearl's always seemed like the normal one of the group; she isn't defective, she's a single Gem, she has all the bells and ...

White Diamond Will CORRUPT the CRYSTAL GEMS - Steven Universe Theory

Yellow Diamond Chart

Where the Steven Universe movie could take its characters next | SYFY WIRE

enter image description here

Cartoon Network: Steven Universe: Heart of the Crystal Gems

ruby in steven universe reunited

It may even be that our Pearl was created for White but gifted to Pink before she could actually serve White. White/OriginallyPink?

... just based on what we've seen of the pearls. So this unidentified form could be as I said before of pearl's original form when serving white diamond.

Image titled Tell if a Diamond is Real Step 10

White Topaz vs Diamond: Which one is better?

Where is White Diamond Now?

In "Too Short To Ride," Peridot dropped a major bomb on Steven and Amethyst when she explained that she actually had no magical powers.

'Steven Universe' Season 4, Episode 14: 'That Will Be All'

Blue Diamond. “

White Diamond's Control Over Free Will In Gems!? - Steven Universe Theory

The titular Steven Universe sits outside his home, a beach house built on the entrance to the Crystal Temple.Cartoon Network

"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

Outus 1000 Pieces Clear Flat Back Rhinestones Round Crystal Gems 1.5 mm - 5 mm,

Back to the concept of skin which I mentioned earlier. A gem can not change their skin color nor their gem color, this can only be changed by fusion, ...

diamonds through a loupe


If anything were to happen to Deedee I would murder everyone in this fandom and then. Diamond authoritySteven universe ...

Green LifeGem Diamond

It has six arms, and two fully developed faces that have features similar to Crystal Gems - much ...

If she's so important, Why we never saw one Crystal Gem talk about her ?

Centipeetle is a Nephrite Emerald.

Close-up of Diamonds

Message Received Poster

What's the difference between Swarovski crystal and diamond?

All the Clues Steven Universe Dropped About Its Big Revelation You Never Realized

Steven Universe: Meeting Diamond by PrincessCallyie ...