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Semper Augustus the most expensive tulip bulb during the Dutch

Semper Augustus the most expensive tulip bulb during the Dutch


Semper Augustus, the most expensive tulip bulb during the Dutch C17th tulip mania, watercolour, unknown artist


A tulip, known as "the Viceroy" (viseroij), displayed in the 1637 Dutch catalog Verzameling van een Meenigte Tulipaanen. Its bulb was offered for sale ...

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Semper Augustus, times two. (Image: Brandemandus tulip book/Public domain)

Semper Augustus tulip - the most expensive flower in the world


Admirael van der Eijck from the 1637 catalog of P.Cos., sold for 1045 guilders on February 5, 1637

Tulip Mania: When Tulips Cost As Much As Houses

Semper Augustus – the most expensive bulb sold during ...


The Most Beautiful Tulip in History Cost as Much as a House - Atlas Obscura

Flower, Semper Augustus Tulip

We often say that economic bubbles are irrational, but it seems that, in some way, we must like the irrationality that surrounds this rather strange ...

Detail from Ambrosius the Elder Bosschaert, 'Flowers in a Glass Vase', 1609

Tulip 'Semper Augustus'

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During the Dutch "tulipmania" in the 17th century, prices for tulip bulbs rose

Dutch tulip fields | © pixabay

The Tulip Folly. “

In 1638, one was advertised for 13,000 florins, the price of a nice house. That was the year the market for tulips in the Netherlands crashed.

Famously, the tulip speculation that happened in the late 1600s brought down the Dutch economy. But did you know that it wasn't botany that brought down ...

Freak Week II: Semper Augustus and Tulipmania.

In the 17th century, the cost of a tulip bulb was more than ten times

While the most expensive flower in the world is one of a kind, a number of costly flowers appear in romantic bouquets, wedding arrangements, ...

Dutch tulips Dutch tulips Dutch tulips ...

A look at the flowers that have captivated gardeners' imaginations - and the extraordinarily high price paid for beautiful blooms

Most expensive flowers

Detail of tulip 'Julia Farnese' rose feather (1976) by Rory McEwen.

Red tulip among yellow tulips, Mount Vernon, Washington.

The Dutch were smart traders, but there were economic lessons to learn. Stock and commodity markets didn't exist in the 1500s. In the early 1600s, ...

Dutch tulips ...

Yes, those are tulips (genus Tulipa), one of the most popular ornamental flowers in the world. These are very special types of tulip called Semper Augustus ...

The price of tulips skyrocketed because of speculation in tulip futures among people who never saw the bulbs. Many men made and lost fortunes overnight.

Tulip mania

Still Life with Flowers by Hans Bollongier (1623–1672) painted in 1639 showcasing the prized Semper Augustus tulip.

About 900,000 visitors from around the world check out Holland's Keukenhof from March to May each

Beth Kuck-Hundgen of Whispering Pines of Chappaqua – in full bloom with the bewitching bulbs – finds the perfect tulips for this writer's treasured Dutch ...

From the floor of the world's largest flower auction to prized botanical gardens to the works of the Golden Age Masters, discover the history of the iconic ...

Jan Breughel the Elder (Credit: Credit: Jan Breughel)

7 Most Expensive Flowers in the World


Above: Tulip field, the Netherlands. Right, 17th-century painting of the Semper Augustus, the most expensive tulip sold during tulip mania.

BUBBLE SPOTTING SERIES - 2014 QUICK SUMMARY FORMAT This short presentation on ...

Spring flowering bulbs, tulips have long been a passionate subject for artists. One of the most popular flowers tulips are available in numerous colours and ...

Homeless in Vancouver: The time for tulip mania in Vancouver is now!

Semper Augustus, one of the most expensive sold.

Tulip 'Semper Augustus'

Tulip Mania

... in the Dutch Golden Age. semper_augustus_focuseconomics.jpg


Amsterdam Tulip Museum & Flower Strip

The “Broken” tulip. A picture of a Semper Augustus ...

In the Netherlands, you can purchase tulips straight from the field

... Dutch tulips ...

The flash bulbs that are tulips are going off all over Vancouver—and I mean all over—which may go some ways to helping explain all the glare, not to mention ...

Three tulips and an anemone by Jacob Marrel (1614-1681).

Tulip Mania: The First Economic Bubble

It's a fancy tulip that speaks to me of the period of the Dutch tulip boom in the early 17th century. The 'broken sorts', like the famed 'Semper Augustus', ...

And now we have more poffertjes! Yummy! They go well with tulips 🙂

In common with many flowers, it has gone in and out of fashion over the centuries – but the tulip's history has been more dramatic than most.

Spring flowers in a Chinese vase by Maria Merian. Shelfmark: Fag.GG.

Tulip viridiflora Flaming Spring Green Looks like Semper Augustus, famous for being the most expensive tulip sold during tulip mania.

A story of tulips and bitcoin :: When tulips cost as much as houses

Rotchschild's orchid

pink tulips at sunset

Gardeners all over the world grow Tulip bulbs from the Netherlands. And although prices have fallen so that even the most ordinary home gardener can aspire ...

Queen of the Night

(Jan Brueghel the Younger, Satire on Tulip Mania, c. 1640. Source

Pamphlet from the Dutch tulipomania, printed in 1637

Holland tulip fields stripes of color wanderlust with jpg 236x381 Rare flower holland expensive picturesque tulips

"Great Tulip Book: Admirael De Gouda". In 17th century Holland tulips were · "

Similarly, tulips are a perfect commodity for a futures market (when parties sign a contract to deliver specific goods or services for a set price at a ...

At its height of popularity in the mid 1630s, the tulip bulb had become the fourth largest export of the Netherlands after ...

Tulip mania: The flowers that cost more than houses

The best flower goes at the top. (Image: Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder/Public domain)

Dutch flower painting: In detail

Free exchange

Tulip production was, in ...

April ...

Tulips aren't native to the Netherlands, and yet these flowers became an integral part of Dutch culture. Tulip bulbs became so valuable in the 1600s that ...

Once upon a time, the Semper Augustus caused an epidemic. An epidemic of prodigality and cunning calculation. She, the queen of tulips, ...


Flaming Parrot Tulip Cultivar Credit: PierreSelim via Wikipedia


Tulip Time in Fagel


Mosaic Virus - Semper Augustus by GreyCorbie ...

Tulip bulbs became impossibly expensive. In 1635 one tulip bulb was sold for 6000 guilders (former dutch currency), the price of a mansion on the Amsterdam ...

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Tulip mania! Beautiful fresh spring tulips reminds me of Dutch masters oil paintings. -

Engraving of three tulips © National Bank of Belgium