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Resources for Budding Zoologists quotAWESOME Blogs to Follow

Resources for Budding Zoologists quotAWESOME Blogs to Follow


Budding Zoologist with Rat Snake

Screenshot of the Request a Woman Scientist website. Credit: Liz McCullagh

The shiny new Scientific American blog network is now live! We are excited to announce that 39 new blogs joined the network

Resources for Budding Zoologists - #Zoologists #Homeschooling #Resources

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What Drives Our Quest for the Perfect Instagram Picture?

Weird animals for aspiring zoologists and the curious

Bioinformatics Blogs

lion roaring

Becky helps conserve another sloth

co-evolution of multiple escape routes | Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Initiation of tumor angiogenesis up-regulates PSF1 promoter activity in endothelial cells (ECs). A: Skin vasculature 3 days after B16 melanoma cell ...

Big Game

Everything You Need to Know about Animals: A First Enyclopedia for Budding Zoologists: Nicola Davies: 9780753469750: Amazon.com: Books

Scientific American Volume 319, Issue 5

Download figure ...

The cell nuclei are marked in blue. Neural progenitor cells (green) are distributed along the antero-posterior axis. Progenitor cells of the tail bud (pink) ...

These ...

Why We Love to Scare Ourselves on Halloween (and the Rest of the Year,

The ...

Multiple haploids, triploids, and tetraploids found in modern-day “living fossil” Ginkgo biloba | Horticulture Research

Scanning electron micrograph of Lassa virus budding off a Vero cell.

These figures from the new Science Advances paper show how antibodies link together to lock malaria's circumsporozoite protein into a spiral conformation.

Rosa and friends in Costa Rica

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Bee ...

This is an aphid infestation of the stem close to the bud of a tansy.

Education City Infographic

Karlis and Shirley

Figure 1

Parkinson's concept (stock image).

This is the first study of its kind using medical images and artificial intelligence.

TOR complex activation mechanism by Glutamine binding to Pib2 complex: When glutamine is available, cells start to grown, while is unavailable, ...

When ...

Figure 1

Figure 1

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Extracts ...

Distributions of African Otomops projected on topography.

Illustration ...

This is a blind wine tasting.

Illustration of Primulina davidioides sp. nov.

An artist's impression of Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis (CME) occurring as periodic traveling waves on the membrane. Clathin coated vesicles (blue) bud off ...

At Risk

Principal Coordinate Analysis (PCoA) of methylation (MSL) differences between colonies exposed to


Discover Teeth and Feeding education session

Map of The United Kingdom showing the sampling locations.

This is Candida glabrata.


Figure 1

Readers will briefly meet other Arctic animals, but the focus of the story is on the budding friendship between the two bear cubs.

Figure 1

Princeton researchers ...

A natural history GCSE? It might help get our children outdoors | Michael McCarthy | Opinion | The Guardian

The evolutionary significance of ancient genome duplications | Nature Reviews Genetics


A patient's budding cortex -- in a dish? Networking neurons thrive in 3-D human 'organoid'


(a) A female bee taking nectar in the field. (b) A female collecting pollen in the field. (c) A female breaking a bud with her mandibles and fore legs.

Figure 1

Frankenstein: Extreme Read

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Hyping Autism Research "News" Is a Disservice to People with Autism

Distribution of latency to contact novel objects.

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Because we believe that, as budding professionals, the best way to understand what it's like to be a veterinarian — and to learn to think like a vet — is to ...

10 reasons why Costa Rica should be on your bucket list

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Key Stage 2

Figure 3

School Time Snippets: U is for Underground {ABC's of Nature} Pinned by SOS

Figure 2

Download figure ...

Download figure ...

A caterpillar of the evening primrose moth (Schinia florida) devouring a flower bud of common evening primrose (Oenothera biennis).

In this illustration ...

Replicator cooperation | Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences

What's the future of server virtualization?

A stem-group cnidarian described from the mid-Cambrian of China and its significance for cnidarian evolution | Nature Communications

As ...

Researchers have discovered that humans can detect a sixth taste: fat.

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Cole Zoology Museum

While the ecology patch in the middle of this southeastern United States landscape might resemble crop circles carved by aliens, it is actually a plant and ...

Sea plants cover rocks.

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