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Pin by Visit View on afifahnasir93 t


Alhamdulillah. More information. Saved by. Visit View

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Find this Pin and more on afifahnasir93 by Entertainment.

Find this Pin and more on afifahnasir93 by Entertainment.


ezzatyabdullah / Ezzaty Abdullah


fizasabjahan / Fiza Sabjahan

Find this Pin and more on afifahnasir93 by Entertainment.


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eykafarhana / Eyka Farhana

missfazura / Fazura

Beautiful croatia! Did u been in Croatia before and if yes, where did u

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ikanabella / Ika Nabella

nur_risteena / Risteena Munim

Find this Pin and more on afifahnasir93 by Entertainment.

ainasuzaily / Aina Suzaily

Anzalna Nasir second wedding dress will blow you away I never knew anyone could rock a. Visit

nazeerasardi / Nazeera Sardi

Qistina Jamil

Did u know im half #white and have relatives in 'sconsin 🧀! I

By nurita harith. Visit

PSA: if you aren't black don't say the n-word

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I partnered up with #LadySpeedStick to share inspiring stories of what makes us as women

Новая коллекция LIMITED EDITION by LOVE REPUBLIC - самые актуальные трендовые Модели этого сезона .

Tinggal lah mereka berempat. Eventho we dont live together anymore but i still care about

“If you never did then you should. These things are fun and fun is

Jawa wedding

Bridal hijabs

Новая коллекция Limited edition by LOVE REPUBLIC- это самые трендовые и остромодные Модели, must


Diekspoitasi Secara Melampau Shell Ambil Tindakan Terhadap Poster Nor Shafila Tiada lagi papan poster Nor Shafila

Husband: you look so stunning wifey Wifey: you too my handsome husband !! Love the Songket by @innaigroup #muslimwedding #reception #wedding #songket ...

Win a limited edition Scenic Route to Alaska x Flannel Foxes tee and two tickets to

Wedding photo idea. Visit

Raya 2018


gorgeous bride with her bridesmaids {wearing Paper Crown}

More information

Miss my lil mans so much lil booboo then got so grown it's crazy how fast


Did u do the same kind of 'stupid' n 'funny' thing during

Hijabi bride


Steal This Bridesmaid Look From Bliss Tulle

tudung nikah. Visit

This is why I don't quit on these youngsters .. EVER .

Words can't describe the feeling of knowing your only baby is really nervous for

Playing with makeup

Wow.... where do I began I knew today would be a hard

U • N • S • O • L • V • E • D


Gorgeous wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses; photo: Blumenthal Photography

Tinggal lagi 3 jebon @mianasir91 @afifahnasir93 @nazirahnasir97 #TetamuDahBalik Wedding decorator: @nasgreatidea_weddings Makeup done by @ezadibrahim ...

Bridal party


don't u know, tho? he's a


You wanna see me smile u better lend me a #huskerdu warehouse songs and stories

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty ~ When that chick asks Kyung Seok who the girl is

Banyard La Amor by Jentayu Gallery… Visit

My brother finally did it, y'all don't u definitely how hard

*Throwback*From a few years ago #nationalsiblingday Can't wait till you

You guys are so extra

Malay Solemnization

Which one do you like better?

Dressing Up

Hii everyone, just wanna say I Love u and also, I tell my friendz

Beige Songket by Ezuwan Ismail - photo instagram @amarbaharin. Visit