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People who think they know me would say the quotkindquot part t

People who think they know me would say the quotkindquot part t


the best part is that the juice box spells "kind" ...

Dobri means "kind" What a fitting name ...

Would you prefer this "kind", "gentle", and "

It means UNIQUE. by the way it's written like this one-of-a-kind otherwise your t-shirt's a knock-off.

The ending "kind" is EXTREMELY problematic to assholes ...

I didn't know I lived in Nefraska.

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The Day of the Rake cannot come soon enough

Now allow me to educate you on spiders. I feel this is much more appropriate

Jesus-- fuuuuuuuuuuuuck >Cucknadians xD >Canadians don't have valid

Somebody slap that fukn tart.

Trudeau corrected a woman for saying mankind

I love spiders. I have picked up both brown recluse and black widow (the



Take me to Trump Land

They also just took down a statue of Cornwallis in Halifax, the man that founded

I stopped killing spiders unless they get too close or surprise me i considered getting one


is...is the picture implying the guy is going to rape that dog

BC Canada here, Hobo spiders like a ********


heres a particularly thick sumbitch for further proof




How to say "you are kind" in japanese?

It means that you are special in a good way and that there's no one else in the entire world like you.

You're different from everyone else


The cheapest one you can find is probably on eBay!

Spiders are so ******* smart for their size. Everyone I know that hates them hates them because of how fast or smart they are. I think it's cool.

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