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Penrose diagram Wikipedia fractal geometry t Diagram

Penrose diagram Wikipedia fractal geometry t Diagram


Ohm's Law extended from triangle with Voltage, Current, Resistance only, to tetrahedron including

A Penrose diagram of Minkowski space

Fractal Rhombic Mesh

... horizon, the black hole must surely evaporate, so the beer can (or parts of the stars that is supposed to collapse into a black hole) can never get ...

Semicubical parabola - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia · FractalsGeometry CurvesMathMathematicsFull ...

Net great rhombihexacron


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Here we can isolate the 3D Rhombic Hexecontahedron from the 2D Penrose tilings.

Figure 2 Fractals and dimensions in the derivation of E infinity spacetime

Connecting the centers of the circumcircles produces the Voronoi diagram (in red). View

Figure 1-4. Hand-colored transparency presented by Minkowski in his 1908 Raum und Zeit lecture.

Cissoid of Diocles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

penrose carter diagram for a uniformly accelerated observer iopscience rh iopscience iop org Schwarzschild Singularity Penrose Diagrams 3D

cycles of time - Google Search. Fractal geometryQuantum ...

L-system. From Wikipedia ...

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Islam Architecture / Geometry in Islamic Architecture

Platonic Solids Tattoo Money$$ Read Wiki Page

Patent US5036635 - Building system using saddle zonogons and saddle zonohedra - Google Patents

History of geometry. From Wikipedia ...

Patent US5623790 - Building systems with non-regular polyhedra based on subdivisions of zonohedra -

Rhombic Koch Snowflake (interior and exterior)

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Section of a Mandelbrot set

Platonic Solids Tattoo Money$$ Read Wiki Page

A Tetradecahedral Fractal Sponge

partitioning, "Young Diagrams", possible activity/extension with kids using graph paper.

27. Quadrilaterals BIKE and GOLF are graphed on the set of axes below.

In the diagram below, lines l, m, n and p intersect line r.

The “Fractal Chaos” Artificial Neural Network

Original Film below -on right> You Tube Version of Film (less the chat window)

The Penrose diagram gets hugely expanded into what would be previously called negative values of "t".

September 25, 2016

January 2018 Common Core Geometry Regents, Parts 3 and 4 (open-ended)

Tetrahedron PNG & Tetrahedron Transparent Clipart Free Download - Voronoi Diagrams and Delaunay Triangulations Geometry Vertex - octahedron tetrahedron.

Phase Conjugate/Fractal Wave Mechanics of Perception/Bliss from Dan Winter

In the diagram below, EF intersects AB and CD at G and H, respectively, and GI is drawn such that GH = IH.

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Sierpinski Gasket and Carpet demonstrating the iterative process (Source: Choas and fractals , Peitgen

... to circles O and P at A, E, B, and D, as shown in the diagram below. If AC:CE = 5:3, and BD = 56, determine and state the length of CD

penrose carter diagram for a uniformly accelerated observer iopscience rh iopscience iop org Penrose Diagrams 3D

... of spinning the spinner 10 times, assuming the probability of winning each spin is 1/6. The output of the simulation is shown in the diagram below.

penrose carter diagram for a uniformly accelerated observer iopscience rh iopscience iop org Modern Twistor Theory


List of mathematical jargon.pdf | Mathematical Objects | Mathematical Analysis

This figure decribes the basic scenario toward the development of complexity and emergence of complex structures

Bent Pyramid inclination-angles-hexagon+pentagon+square base -symbols-6

Diagram by Leon Battista Alberti of perspective lines leading to a vanishing point from his treatise

The layout is again very simple, consisting of a header, five columns and a footer. You can use a jQuery tooltip to make the design more interactive.

Biology shades into ecology, and in the 1950s, Howard T. Odum developed the 'Energy Systems Language' while studying tropical forests.


A process of cube nesting leads at infinity to the average of expectation value of the Hausdorff dimension of fractal-Cantorian ...

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geodesics chart

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, according to scale of size, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, ...

Applications of ad quadratum and ad triangulum in Gothic architecture: (Left) Methods of

A naive geometrical interpretation of

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As the dynamics of the system evolves aiming to the q-entropy maximization it produce. Figure 3:

Rhombic Koch Snowflake (exterior only)

I = EV= (8πh/c3)(ν3/ehν/kT - 1) ... 1. where I is the Intensity per frequency and EV is the energy per unit volume per frequency (I = Power/A ...


I am not totally convinced by this explanation but if the low variance circles are real and statistically significant then they certainly must be a signal ...

Proportional roots in Gothic architecture: (above left) the geometry of proportional roots based


Introduction to Machine Learning - Wikipedia | Statistics | Mathematical Analysis


The Diamond Eye Fractal

Figure 10.

List of mathematical jargon.pdf | Mathematical Objects | Mathematical Analysis

(Unfortunately, since this was just a Kickstarter project there's no way to order more at this point.)

a fractal tiling built from the equilateral triangle

Figure 8.



That's an interesting question. First, I'll note that in science there is this thing called a blackbody: an object like this would absorb all radiation that ...

... gosset-all-in-disdyakis

Slide1.jpg152.68 KB

A tentative cosmological torus model for describing the re-bounce of the universe in a



The photon sphere

alphanumeric a1 - z26 [transpersonal-transtime, take it or leave it] cross referencing


Gravity= inphiknit (implosive) charge collapse (paraphrasing Einstein)- Fractal / phase conjugate charge collapse - precise exponents of golden ratio - to ...

FIGURE 6.A history of our universe (much compressed around the edges). The space traveller's history looks longer, but according to the curious geometry of ...