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Keith x Reader SCREAMING LANCE MY BOI Zodiac

Keith x Reader SCREAMING LANCE MY BOI Zodiac


im dead keith and lance incorrect voltron quotes screaming keith (voltron) keith kogane lance mcclain lance voltron vld lance vld keith vld klance klance ...

Yeah boi!

(2) The Story Of Our Love (Voltron Keith Kogane X Reader) - Heads Up - Wattpad

You looked up at the doctor, your face wet and red from the warmth of… #romance #Romance #amreading #books #wattpad

by @crimson-chains on tumblr - excuse me while I cry forever -

Keith / Lance XD *Keith, you know you want it. So stop lying.*****

Keith / Lance | Shiro | Pidge

My precious Gay Boi™️

Image result for voltron keith x lance x shiro

Art from my stream. Kid Lance and Kid Keith, with some other sketches of regular Lance and Keith ft. model keith lolololol

Image result for keith crying in lance's jacket studio mir

Lance and Keith - by milkybleachcult>> wut I thought of when I saw that scene from Legend of Korra

Voltron Oneshots - Keith X Reader



Great now I'm crying >>> but legitimately, I wonder how Mrs. Holt is now that her entire family is in space. Does she think they're dead?

Voltron Keith and Lance on Valentines Day by MariStoryArt.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

『Keith x Reader』 - Part Twenty Two - Distress Signal (part 2) - Wattpad

Keith / Lance Lance officially over (and above) Keith

로와의 쓰레기통 (@hiberrybottle) | Твиттер

Art from my stream. Kid Lance and Kid Keith, with some other sketches of regular Lance and Keith ft. model keith lolololol

Keith / Lance

lance and keith love child

Keith ;-; why are you crying?!? ;-;

Laur's Art-only Tumblr, Lance and Keith are like Sokks and Zukko

Homesick Lance: How could you not miss your family? Keith: 'Cause you are my family now.

Why does lance look normal but Keith is some abominable Patrick Keith hybrid

3/3 Keith baby, no don't cry sweetie.

Keith Lance FFXIV style armor

This is beautiful and Im crying because i love steven universe and voltron. Im literally sobbing rn

Keith as a red vampire from Voltron Legendary Defender

im dead keith and lance incorrect voltron quotes screaming keith (voltron)

Keith / Lance | Pidge

Like a Cheerleader Pyramid- Lance, Pidge, Keith, Shiro and Hunk as Voltron Cheerleaders and formed a pyramid from Voltron Legendary Defender.

Omg litrally my friends will tell me to do something then i will sit on the · Aquarius And SagittariusZodiac ...

#wattpad #fanfiction more information is inside. INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING SHIPS: Keith x Lance Keith x Shiro Shiro x Lance Shiro x Allura Shiro x Pidge(?) ...

trying medibang with a doodle of my boi

Keith in Blade of Marmora with red flowers from Voltron Legendary Defender

That moment when you realize Keith with glasses look similar to your OC

Voltron ✰ Legendary Defender #Cartoon Keith, Lance, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk

Keith in Blade of Marmora and his Space Wolf from Voltron Legendary Defender

My bouncing baby boy 😤

Keith is like: I'll protect you Lance and Lance is like: My savior.

I didn't realize Keith's dad was dead until that flashback and—...... just.... just excuse me while I go cry again

I cried

If Keith had been with Hunk and Pidge instead of Lance

Various X Reader - Keith X Reader (Voltron: Legendary Defender) - Wattpad Damn you Keith and your beautiful mullet

Keith / Lance *crossover*

Voltron - Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Allura Voltron Ships,

Lance is depressed, and no one on the Voltron crew has any idea that … #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

voltron legendary defender | shiro x keith x lance | shklance

Lance: Annoying Pest (First born kid.) Keith: Emo Introverted Kid Pidge: The Awkward Baby Child. Shiro: Space Dad. Hunk: The Kid That Eats Everything

That is so my boy and the two for mine fit me well

♡Sagittarius~Woa my friends call me that.

pete wentz screaming in the distance 😂😂😂

keith (voltron) | Tumblr

Aw Coran being a good space uncle to lance is my favorite thing

VLD fanart - Of Flames and Crystals Keith / Lance || tbh i have so much weeb on my prof tht i wasn't gonna repin but?!? look?!??!! the art is stunning OMF < ...

Just look how supportive keith was when lance was nailing the bi-boh-bi game like omg he really was cheering for lance sdfjskks. “

I think i have insomnia because this girl rarely sleeps

Lance "once I saw a man so beautiful I started crying???"

i'll go out with ANYONE for free coffee. and if i don't like them i'll give them a fake number

I've heard white-haired Keith is a thing now, so here's my today's warm-up ✨

New Paladins of Voltron- Allura, Lance, Keith, Pidge and Hunk from Voltron Legendary Defender

Wew so me. I'm gonna hit u in the face hahaha

I'm…sorry (I had to get this out of my system, I identify with Lance so much), poor boy needs more love. Thank you for all your support means so much to me ...

Bland Voltron Headcanons

I say vol- and you say -tron *Keith / Lance | Hunk*

Shiro, Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Lance x Free

Keith: *shaking* but it's my weakness! Allura: Keith NO Lance: Keith YES Keith: *hypnotized* Keith yes.

You ever seen someone so beautiful you started crying?

I like how fandom lance and Keith are muscled af But canon keith and lance are just flat

Twitter — ok but have you guys read shut up and dance with me on archive

Definitely a sassy girl here! #aries #aries #taurus #taurus #gemini

Best ending: lance mentions the bonding moment and then we hear Keith saying "so you do remember" and then he just starts chasing lance and then the camera ...

Voltron Headcanons And Imagines

i'm allura?? how? i'm not? that pretty???

“Yes Capricorn, they are doing this shit again. I am so fucking done .” crying-astronaut Follow. “

I'm sorry but Lance is a Leo and Keith is a Scorpio and klance guys. Klance.

Yeah boi! - Sleep part TWO - Wattpad

If you're reading this...I'm drunk...-breaks out into song- AND I NEED YOU NOW!!! -cries like a baby- ~ Art by SummerArts ~


I mean look at this proud dad, presiding paternally over his strange space children. (also Keith, my boy, why are you sticking only one leg out like that) ...

I love Takashi Shirogane

Anyways heres Galra Keith and Altean Prince Lance because you can't tell me that

... was only looking at someone and that someone was armin. she cares more about armin looking at her that way than she does about eren screaming at her.

Reblog with one of your favorite VLD Plance, Pidge and/or Lance gifs or screenshots. If this post comes back on your dash, it is time to water your Plance ...

... expression changed when hitch spoke of annie, and mikasa immediately looked at him. he looks SO sad and guilt, and she looks really concerned about him.


Safely Harmed | Art Book

them: evil lance me:😏😏😏 them: possessed lance me:🙊🙊🙊

Allura and Keith being the love intrests and Shiro being the support. Though, Allura already played her part.

... and cut out to be with me on my binder/notebook, at worst these would be only digital. Let's hope for the best! Top to bottom: Pidge, Keith, Lance, ...

she really cares about his opinion of her, and she usually doesn't give a f*ck what people think of her!

Shiro and Black probably snitched the bonding between Lance and Keith to Red and Blue, and that's when Blue probably went like, “Lance is growing up, ...