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watering can house plants

This houseplant is so easy to care for & tolerates low light. Here are 3 reasons, plus care & repotting tips, as to why you need the ZZ Plant.

Staghorn Fern

Millennials are obsessed with houseplants because they can't afford kids

A simple houseplant can do wonders for your health. Shutterstock. Some houseplants ...

25 Indoor Plants for Low Light

The Best Trees (and Big Plants) to Grow in Your Living Room

18 Best Large Indoor Plants | Tall Houseplants for Home and Offices | Balcony Garden Web

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bathroom plants sitting in a bathroom ready for cleaning

Parlor Palm parlor-palm_mini

£24, House of Plants, Buy it now. Swiss Cheese Plant

Carex morrowii Variegata

How to Get Rid of Indoor Gnats

House plants don't increase oxygen levels in the home.

Potted house plants not only make a great addition to a desk or dining space, but can be used together in a large group to create a mini indoor garden.

Peace Lily

20 Small Indoor Plants That Can Improve Your Office Environment

10 Best Indoor Plants for Men

Dracaena is a beautiful houseplant that you can grow at home. There are about 50 species of it. It's really easy to grow plant.


Top 5 Air Purifying House Plants That Won't Kill Your Cats! Plants make

leonandgeorge magenta triostar

Love these indoor houseplants make your RICH! I didn't know plants can not

Bromeliads Bromeliads_mini. Bromeliads_mini. Bromeliad is a perfect plant to grow indoors ...

Houseplants for Better Health | Health Benefits of Houseplants + 5 Houseplants to Purify Air

variegated creeping fig_mini

8 Best Indoor Plants & How To Take Care of Them

Six Reasons Your House Plants are Dying

a tall snake plants in a yellow urn container the text below reads Sansevieria aka Snake

Azores Jasmine

The Best Indoor Trees (and Big Plants) to Grow in Your Living Room | Architectural Digest

34 Poisonous Houseplants for Dogs | Plants Toxic to Dogs | Balcony Garden Web

5 Trendy House Plants You Can't Kill

Don't let anyone fool you—growing indoor plants is easy and just as fun as having an outdoor garden. In fact, indoor plants not only help clean the ...

That bring natural feel to your home has always been a dream of you. DIY

Houseplants are the way forward for those of us with limited garden space. Not only do indoor plants purify the air in your home, they also beat the blues ...

As much as I love plants, I've never had many for two reasons: I'm terrible at keeping them alive and I have pets. A lot of plants are either toxic ...

White, Fuzzy Growth in Potted Plants

Nurturing a plant ...

22 Hard To Kill Houseplants

Love these indoor houseplants make your RICH! I didn't know plants can not only house decor and air purifying but also bring you MONEY!

Air purifying plants: 20 best air cleaning plants | Better Homes and Gardens

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Design Spotlight - Indoor Plants

Terrariums are a good way to bring plants into the office because they are contained in glass. This way of displaying plants not only adds interesting ...

Chinese Money Plants

Maranta Leuconeura (Prayer Plant) maranta-leuconeura_mini

Indoor plants (houseplants) are typically used in terrariums. However, most plants chosen for terrariums are slow-growing and many are plants that are ...

Sansevieria- Snake Plant

house plants care


13 Powerful Indoor Plants That Are Known To Bring You Good Health, Love And Good Luck

3 twisted stalks of lucky bamboo & an arrangement of lucky bamboo sit on a table. Are you a beginning houseplant ...

Plant stand with houseplants


The 10 best plants for apartment dwellers

indoor banana tree

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... as real house plants do. This makes them very convenient to have. The fake house plants may not have the benefits that the real have, but they can be a ...

Top 12 Flowering Houseplants

Jade plant (Crassula ovata). houseplants ...

How To Make Self-watering Seed Starter Pots. We are excited to share with you this recycling project. It is truly green and fun. You do not only recycle ...

Filled with lush plants, the Plant Box will always have a special place in our hearts. So, we have made a quick guide to some of our favourite plants that ...

Ambius Ultimate Guide to Office Plants. Home; > ...

Iron plant, Aspidistra Elatior, plants for indoors, low-light plants, air

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7 Underrated Places To Buy Houseplants Online

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How to Grow Tropical Plants Indoors

indoor plants on a table in the living room with sofa in the backround

Growing Peace Lily As Houseplants

Gardening Plants Planting and Maintenance Trees Indoor Gardening Container Gardening Garden Types Outdoor Rooms. Olive Tree

Hilton Carter, 37, has always enjoyed plants. But his Baltimore apartment now holds 180, and it's a perfect example of a growing trend.

Pothos/Money Plant. bigappleflorist

Adiantum raddianum

decorating with house plants - freshome.com

A collage of air-quality-improving plants. All of these houseplants can ...