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History of Vilous Development t

History of Vilous Development t


The Chiral Sisters, two Northern Sergals, kill a Southern Sergal

History of Vilous Development

Agudners History

Old and obsolete lore

Old sergal tongue.



Sergal (3).jpg

Rain Silves in Old Age

1240636914.mick39 1200746579.trancymick hida vore.jpg

Nevreans History

Very young sergal child, having a bottle of water.


A racial comparison of Sergal in Early New Age, the Obsolete setting.

1358422880.mick39 nevrean lady.jpg

In Southern lands, this sergal and agudner are moving to a small town from the capital area, within range of Gold Ring. They are accompanied by their ...

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Rain's tongue in the New Age. The fork is a thing that was cut surgically. Closeup shot from Rain Silves Dakimakura Cover

Can see the full version in Vilous Official Art-pack#1.

Chatting males from sample of Vilous Official Art-pack#1

[Vilous] At the Festival / 縁日にて - page 4

Pure Northern sergal or original Northern sergal.

Rain Silves (レイン・シルヴェス) is female Northern Sergal mutant, and the Supreme Commander of the Shigu, known across Vilous as the "Great General Rain.

Northern sergal soldiers on patrol.

This young civilized sergal, a citizen of Gold Ring, is training to become an explorer to survey the land.

[Vilous Ep4] The Twelve Plainswalkers - Page 53 by mick39 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Rassir in his work clothes.

She will be developed shortly, as the Vilous lore has updated a lot and I need to figure out how an albino would survive in the strong radiation from Vilous ...


Mountain leech and Ta'ls actinia.

1336218642.mick39 k 001.jpg

Sergal head 3 angles diagram.

[Vilous] At the Festival / 縁日にて - page 8 by mick39 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Animal husbandry


Ecology and behavior

Ahkoh the agudner man works at a dye salon, dyeing his customer sergal's fur.

My proposal is to introduce this world in the year 400 of the rain calendar, after several years of technological development and some more wars, ...

A sergal lady living in Gold Ring, smiling.

Three Eltus children, sergal, agudner, and nevrean.

Dr. Licca, the T-Rooter.



Agudner lady.

Shigu. From Vilous

From Vilous Manga EP2 "Dark Clouds of The Shigu".

Drakken Hunt

Gold Ring vigilance committee

Shiory the female talyxian stalker.

Two talyxian stalkers.

Agudner boy, he is a type of one horn.

Agudner lady.

Ecology and behavior

The Daily Ardmoreite. (Ardmore, Okla.) 1893-current, August 25, 1918, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress

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THE CXIDENSBURa REPUBLICAN JOURNAL PAGEfHR© Another Nurse \As anurse I have seen many mar- vilous results from Tatilac. For ana* • mw:, nervousness, ...

History of Vilous Development - Vilous

Below, a player can be seen placing a box underneath a table with both valid and invalid placement feedback. This shows how fine the system can be tuned for ...

Vilous Official ビロウス公式 @Vilous_Official

Vilous Official ビロウス公式 @Vilous_Official

Vilous Official ビロウス公式 @Vilous_Official

Fibroblast from 10 weeks gestation showing well developed cisternae of rough endoplasmic reticulum.

a) Black immunocytochemical staining of macrophages (M) with CD68 clearly shows their distribution


Figure 6

Material Information

STOP PRESS Since this story was filed, Vilous S. is reported to have visited a factory established by Oskar S. near Plzen in the early twentieth century.

3-dimensional colour power angiography for staging human placental development - The Lancet

Hypovascular villi with decreased number and caliber of fetal villous capillaries and stromal fibrosis (hematoxylin and eosin, ×10).

Definition, Development & Function

Men and women don't have to be the “same” in physicality to have the right to equality.


Perjuro the Sweet Dragon

B. Unlike normal syncytial knots, exaggerated syncytial knots project above the surface of the villus (hematoxylin and ...

Fig. 21. Avascular villi on the right compared with the normally vascularized villi on the left. Absence of fetal capillaries is the result of obstruction ...

Chorionic villus sampling

Placental villous immaturity


Chorionic villi - very high mag.jpg

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Electron micrograph of a mesenchymal villus from a 4 week placenta containing Hobauer cells (HC



Early Report| Volume 352, ISSUE 9142, P1747-1749, November 28, 1998

Terminal hair


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On the ninth day of the experiment, there were greater villous heights with the use of antibiotics, symbiotic and symbiotic associated with the lower dose ...

The Villous Stroma In early pregnancy the villous core is filled by small, spindle shaped

Chicago Daily News negatives collection, 1919. Chicago Historical Society

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Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase (PI3K) Subunit p110δ Is Essential for Trophoblast Cell Differentiation and Placental Development in Mouse | Scientific Reports

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