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Grulla roan with amber eyes Horses t Horse

Grulla roan with amber eyes Horses t Horse


Equine Color Conspiracy Theory!

Beautiful roan Quarter horse

Beautiful amber champagne Quarter Horse mare

What are the Differences in the Shades of Roans?

Wild Feral Horse - Grulla Gray pregnant mare walking in the afternoon with windblown tail in

Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore ?

Roan has a dark head and legs. Grey will fail to white as they get older go see equine tapestry .com ...

Metallic Cat a red roan Quarter Horse.

Grulla horse with beautiful blue eyes

Glynis Giddings horse color genetics

Found on Bing from pinterest.com Grulla Horse, Dun Horse, Palomino, Pretty

Other Acceptable Color Dilutions

Cream gene

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Grullo Quarter Horse

Partial White Ear on one side and a Partial Blue Eye on the other Majestic Horse


Blue Roan Quarter Horse Stallion - named Who Stole My Chrome - from Robin's Nest Farms

Brown Roan (seal brown + roan) Can have a red or blue body, but shows the seal brown base color on the muzzle, and typically behind elbows and at the flank.

Azteca horse Pura Raza Espanola Yeguada Herrera Caballos Espanoles Caballos Bailadores Andalusian Lusitano Lippizzaner spanish horse

Dorsal Stripe - The dorsal stripe will run along the backbone from the withers to the base of the tail. The width will vary, with barbs and/or brindle ...

Buckskin Horse

Rebelling at being trained for a rider. Pretty Horses, Horse Love, Beautiful Horses

What are the Differences in the Shades of Roans?

Rosy pink skin and pale blue eyes are characteristics of cremellos, or "double-dilute" chestnuts.

Silver Grulla Quarter Horse | Silver Grulla - Page 2 Grulla Horse, Dun Horse ,

... Glynis Giddings horse color genetics ...

If you are specifically interested in spotting (appaloosas), paints (“colored horses”) or other patterns these have a genetics of their own, which discussed ...

Pink Horse


Smoky black is the result of one cream dilution gene on a black horse. Because one cream gene (heterozygous) does not affect black hair, there is not much ...

Many, but not all, smoky blacks have amber eyes, as shown here on COACHMAN'S SIMPLISTIK. Amber eyes are not uncommon on single cream dilutes.

Red Roan Band Stallion with herd of wild horses at waterhole in the Pryor Mountains Wild

Wild Horses - Bay Red Roan and Grulla mares drinking at the waterhole in the Pryor

Image titled Distinguish Horse Color by Name Step 1Bullet1

Grulla roan with amber eyes. Amber Eyes, Look Into My Eyes

Chocolate Palomino Horse. Image from Equine Now


Bay roan, also sometimes called "red roan"

Breyer Horse Statue OOAK CM/Custom Andalusian Esprit Dappled Mulberry Gray

If you look closely you can see Koko's amber eyes, which are often present on heterozygous cream dilutes.

Morgan Colors- Your Information Station for Morgan Color Genetics and Color History

Your Horse's Amazing Eyes

The Scoop on Horse Sweat

Flaxen Horse

Some understanding of horse color genetics can be important to breeders, regardless of whether they specifically breed their horses with color or pattern in ...

Buckskin (Note the lack of primitives):

Blue Roan Band Stallion drinking with herd of wild horses at waterhole in the Pryor Mountains

Red Roan stallion splashing in the water with herd of wild horses in the Pryor Mountains

This is Classic's Shogun, a roan silver dapple bay RMH. He is also owned by Volz's Mountain Horses.

Liver chestnut bay roan stallion with herd of wild horses at waterhole in the Pryor Mountains

This is a homozygous gold champagne adult Tennessee Walking Horse. He is a little but paler than one might expect a heterozygous gold champagne to be, ...

Roan. Note that the head/face is darker than the body. This horse will not turn white, and will always retain black legs, mane, tail, and head.

Snippys Driftwood - 1983 AQHA Roan Stallion. Amber Kolousek


(Bay Roan)

Glynis Giddings horse color genetics

Page 10 - The Horse Forum

This stunner is the aptly named Chocolate Roan, a roan silver dapple black RMH owned by Volz's Mountain Horses. (Photo by Christi Volz)

The mode of inheritance of the Agouti gene is theorized to be complicated by the theoretical presence of more than 2 alleles. The Theorized At allele ...

Classic champagne, black base diluted by champagne gene. Amber champagne ...

When sooty is present along with the cream gene, it can do strange things to the horse's coat. Chex Nu Jewel, a palomino Quarter Horse stallion, ...

Champagne combined with cremello, perlino, or smoky cream creates an irridescent, nearly white coat. These horses have very pale skin and very ...

Glynis Giddings horse color genetics

Blue eyes! Pretty horse. (97) King Equine Photography - Photos

Dos Equis (with his long winter coat here) looks almost like a buckskin, but his legs, mane, and tail are lighter the the black of a buckskin.

However, smoky blacks will usually have a "sun faded" look as this one does, whether they are truly sun faded or not. This horse's genotype could be Ee aa ...

AQHA Grulla champagne 2 year old filly

(Bay Roan)

A "true" silver grullo: Silver Dapple + Grullo (aka silver black dun and various other terms)

This horse is a sable cream champagne - a brown based horse carrying one cream and one champagne gene. These horses can look very similar to amber cream ...

skunk-tailed bay rabicano

This color combination is what is commonly referred to as "grulla" or " grullo".

Its light cream coat color gives it a superficial resemblance to a cremello, but it has dark skin and eyes, so it can only have one copy of ...

Wild Horses - Red Roan and Dun Buckskin stallions with Blue Roan stallion in the background

2017 Red Roan Solid Should Mature 15.0-15.1hh. APHA Filly Sire: Mcmac Chicles Playboy -15.0hh Sorrel Overo APHA Dam: Miss Focus - 15.2hh Red Roan AQHA Mare


(Bay Roan)