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Giant Jighead Deadbait fishing t

Giant Jighead Deadbait fishing t


Balzer Giant Jighead Dead Bait - Luminous

SW Giant Jighead DEAD BAIT Orange/Gelb 300g: Original Spor

I started by trying to find the fish with the Micro Grub tail on a 5g Micro Jig jig head. When fished on a slow, straight retrieve this little lure is one ...

Seawaver Lures Giant Jighead Dead Bait Baithead SP 400

Gerlinger-Volker Dapoz Giant Jighead Blau-Fluo, 200g-1 - Gerlinger.

Pike and the Dead Bait Connection

After a couple more drifts, Pierre feels something knock at his lure, but he doesn't make contact. Quite often this can happen when the predators are just ...

SPRO Willem Zijlstra Fire Erie Jighead 577 003

Balzer Jörg Strehlows Specialist Zander Lures - Wobbler

As I used the Reel Habit Jigs more, I started to talk and deal more with Chris. He is an honest and humble man, and that was my selling point.

A nice doormat flounder.

Fishing a white tube with the jig head inside to look like a dying baitfish and hopped off the bottom and allowed to spiral back down tricked this ...

As well as lure fishing for winter pike, I also enjoy dead baiting for them too, the winter months are a great time to try and bag yourself a twenty!

In my opinion the big girls just don't seem to feed or live in shallow areas. Most of the big fish I've caught over the years have come from water that's ...

Der Giant Jighead

Bristling with attitude and a tenacious greed that few other predators can match, the perch is the striped thug of the underwater world.

Lure Working

5 Jighead Soft Fishing Lures Gold Glitter Jelly Bait Swimbait Cod Bass Pollack

Specialforce BC 577Px 3

SPRO Willem Zijlstra Fire Erie Jighead 577 004

SPRO Willem Zijlstra Fire Erie Jighead 577 002

Immediately following the spawn pike can often be very difficult to catch. Using dead baits is often the best way to trigger otherwise lethargic fish.

2018 Duster Lure 7g Jig Head With Silicon Skirt Fishing Lure Metal Head Trolling Bait From Weiyufishing, $107.54 | Dhgate.Com

Night Fishing for Ling (aka Burbot, Mariah, Eelpout…)


This Mille Lacs giant was tricked by a Storm Searchbait. Photo: Josh Burlet

Deadbaiting for zander - Boat Tactics

Best Baits and Lures for Black Drum Fishing

Black drum, Tampa Bay

Jig Combos That Work for Pike

Thomas Cormier appears delighted with the searchbait lure he chose to catch this nice walleye!

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How to catch a mangrove snapper fishing Florida - FYAO Saltwater Media Group, Inc.

Rainy Lake's Multi-species Bonanza

Best baits and lures for snook fishing - FYAO Saltwater Media Group, Inc.

Bottom Presentations for Winter Walleye

Specialforce BC 577Px 1

Up Your Odds on Stained-water Walleyes

A big walleye caught on a bobber in early spring.

Walt Matan of Custom Jigs & Spins hoists a fine example of Salvelinus namaycush. Photo: Bill Lindner

Big Waller Jig Head

2018 Weiyu Duster Lure 7g Jig Head With Silicon Skirt Fishing Lure Metal Head Trolling Bait From Weiyufishing, $80.41 | Dhgate.Com

I actually started messing around with this technique a little while ago, but it was only the other day that I went out to specifically concentrate on doing ...

Storm 360GT Searchbait Minnow 11 cm Herring

Targeting shallow-water wrecks off of Florida's Gulf Coast for permit takes some patience and fortitude to find the fish and get them to bite.

MidWest Outdoors Kids: Ned Rig Basics

using cut bait to catch redfish

Specialforce BC 577Px 2

On calm days on the shallow reefs, large topwater lures like this number 11 Storm Top Walker are effective on Mille Lacs smallies. Photo: Thomas Cormier

The Rebel Crawfish is a great goggle-eye bait.

MAIN Soft plastics account for a lot of my big pike each autumn and winter.

Walleyes Love Plastics in Spring

Fish Head Spin 3/8 oz Jighead Arkansas Shiner - Fishing Tackle And Baits, Fresh Water Jigs And Spoons at Academy Sports

Blue Water Candy 33556 Dead Bait Rig, Silver Finish

After a fish like that the long four hour journey back didn't seem to take so long, and more importantly with the outside temperature dropping to -3 degrees ...

Kingfish fall for high speed trolling lures

cut bait fishing


Blue Water Candy 34557 Dead Bait Rig, Yellow Finish

Giant Jighead - Deadbait



Serious Summer Weed Crappie Patterns

Graham Mann's decision to stay for an extra 30 minutes of fishing paid off when he latched into this impressive 15lb 6oz zander.

Written by Fishing Headquarters / On Oct 26, 2012


Catfish angling – an extreme adventure that calls for extraordinary equipment. The 'Black Cat' collection by renowned Stefan Seuß delivers everything you ...

Fishing Trips in Algoma Country. >

Norwegian wolffish

How to Catch Lingcod

Specialforce BC 577Px 6

7 essential fishing lures


Fishing Tips:

Gamakatsu Erie Jighead Red Glitter 4/0 21 g

This jig/stinger hook combo actually kills two birds with one stone. First and foremost, it puts the bait down in the strike zone with a beautiful, ...

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Weedless Rig using a Cheburashka Jig Head and Swimerz Wide Gape Worm Hook

All this is is a cut piece of dead fish on a hook or jig head. The piece of dead bait will just sit with no movement on the bottom.

Black Drum Fly Fishing, Black Drum Fishing Report BIG ...

With the weather now a bit more conducive to fishing, we both switched into proper zander fishing mode. With three dead bait lines and a lure rod on the go, ...

Redfish caught on a circle hook and shrimp

catching snapper offshore brisbane

Real vs Plastic Bait for Ice Fishing

Hogy 8/0 Barbarian Sand Eel Saltwater Jig Head

How to make a dead bait rig for mackerel

The first couple of fish came in quick succession from around 6ft of water, however the sport dried up as quickly as it had started. Whenever I'm struggling ...