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East germany Punk and Punk rock t

East germany Punk and Punk rock t


Anarchy in the E.U: East German Punk

Burning Down the Haus: East German Punks Brought Down Berlin Wall – Rolling Stone

The punk scene of East Germany was at the forefront of political and social dissatisfaction with government, especially the bands of in the early years of ...

The head of ruthless Stasi was personally involved in trying to crush the punk rock movement

Tim Schapker/WikiCommons

The popularization of punk in the FRG was quickly turned to part of mainstream pop culture unlike that of the GDR bands who only after the fall of the wall ...

Singer Jana Schlosser and guitarist A-Micha of East German punk band Namenlos playing on the grounds of St. Michaelis Church in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now ...

Secret police in the German Democratic Republic tried to destroy the punk scene as it rose

Not until 1981/1982 did the punk bands of East Germany start to spring up and the suppression of the underground scene made them politicized.

Die Toten Hosen, 1988

Die Toten Hosen, 1988

Author Tim Mohr and the book's cover.

Ostberliner Punks 1987 East Germany, Travel Photography, White Photography, Punks Not Dead,

East German punk taking the U-Bahn next to an Volkspolizei officer, East Berlin, East Germany (1986)


East German punks at Alexanderplatz in East Berlin circa 1984

The early 1980s saw the development of an underground punk rock movement in the GDR. However the authorities viewed punk music and fashion as subversive.

The East German punk scene sustained a great deal of affliction from their own government, but prevailed nonetheless. Even though they were greatly ...

Two UK punks in the late 1970s

The German phrases written on the head of the person sitting on the right say: “Nazis out!” and “Together we can break chains.


Can you give us a brief presentation of the band and what have you achieved for the 10 years of existence?

'Too Much Future' archives. '

When punk came across the Channel to the Federal Republic of Germany, the youth of West Germany had a different acceptance of the punk subculture.

Jamel rockt den Förster Punks

Painting A Line On The Berlin Wall … 1986

The band members of Feine Sahne Fischfilet, which the frontman holding a lit flare in. German punk ...

The Clash in front of a Saracen

Unearthing the Secret History of 'LA's Deadliest Punk Rock Gang' - VICE

The Very Black History Of Punk Music| AJ+

A young punk's Stasi arrest photo.

Nina Hagen

Although this relatively young band released their debut self-titled EP last year, their music, part of the post-punk revival sweeping Germany and Sweden, ...

Book Review: 'Burning Down the Haus' by Tim Mohr – East German Punk

See What It's Like To Shop At New York's Only Original Punk Rock Boutique >

A punk protests against a ACT! for America counter-protest against refugee policy in Boise, Idaho in November 2015.

Ausstellung Voll der Osten (Harald Hauswald/OSTKREUZ)

As a musical form punk crashed and burned almost before it started, but it inspired a lot of films still worth watching.

Chrissie Hynde, 2013

Some young East German rebels took up punk for the usual reasons: it reflected their worldview better than anything else available to them, right down to ...

The East German punk scene wasn't a posture; it was a movement toward liberation. @nprmusic looks at #BurningDowntheHaus by @timmohr: ...

For whatever reason the public perception of skateboarding seems to have changed over the last decade. Skaters on TV aren't obnoxious, glue-huffing wasters ...

... punk rock, hardcore band from Dresden, eastern Germany. Break It Down


East German teens rebelled by adopting punk fashions in the Eighties

Punks in 1984

Black Clothing Sunglasses

Sid Vicious. PUNK ROCKPunks ...

Japanese punk rock musicians

The Russian post-punk band Kino is featured in the mix.

Ernst Degner, the dashing young East German motorcycle racer. Many aspects of Degners life, and his death, remain shrouded in mystery and controversy.

Feine Sahne Fischfilet performed before thousands of fans at an anti-racism concert in Chemnitz

Burning Down the Haus: Punk Rock, Revolution, and the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Tim Mohr: 9781616208431: Amazon.com: Books

Primal Rite are a band that carry on two distinct coastal traditions. Hailing from San Francisco, the band is the logical merging of the Bay Area hardcore ...

Walter Schlect

Punks at Alex

Biermann with journalist Günter Wallraff, shortly after leaving East Germany

Legs McNeil Hails Tim Mohr's 'Burning Down The Haus' As the Best Punk Book Since 'Please Kill Me'

East Berlin punks

Burma punks

In the last blog entry I introduced the Ost Punkszene and what life was like for the “Ost Punker.” Punk in the East definitely was influenced by the Western ...

... punk rock genre. Two young men dressed in black trenchcoats are shown in a subway car. The man

Vice: Tell us about being a punk in East Germany.

Punk Rock Farmer delivers live, homegrown music from Giants in the Oak Tree, plus the new book Burning Down the Haus -- Punk Rock, Revolution and the Fall ...

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? The president was a crook, and the saviors of the '60s were either dead or wallowing in bloated luxury.

These days, punk isn't all that visible. Since the tabloids lost interest in the late-1980s and your aunt started selling Ramones baby-grows on Etsy, ...

10 modern German musicians you need to listen to before you die

On November 9, 1989, the East German underground guitar band Die Anderen—the Others—had a gig on the other side of the Berlin Wall.

27th Wave-Gotik-Treffen, May 18th to 21st, 2018 Leipzig, eastern

Huburt Bruchmüller believes he might "be the only survivor" of clinical trials of a

East German mural, on the Kulturpalast in Dresden.

The Cure in Leipzig East Germany in August 1990. #TheCure #RobertSmith #live #rock #pop #indie #alternative #goth #postpunk #music #concert #ontour #leipzig ...

Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD)

Punks on Hope: Burma's Underground Music Scene

An East German soldier at Checkpoint Charlie on the Berlin border. Photograph by Paul Schutzer. Berlin, Germany, October 1962.

Fotograf Harald Hauswald (picture-alliance/dpa/T. Kleins)

Male skinhead - Lead singer of North East punk band The Antiseptics.

So ...

30 Artists Showcasing Techno's New Punk Attitude

London punks in the 80s (site: http://tracks.arte.

Free Choice-Evocative 2 (I want to adapt the Joker's look to fit the grunge/ punk movement)

East German Domestic Surveillance Went Far Beyond the Stasi - SPIEGEL ONLINE

A line in history: the east German punks behind the Berlin Wall's most radical art stunt | Art and design | The Guardian

A cassette from the state-controlled record label Amiga, taped over by the band Re-Aktion. Hear this tape here. Mathias Schwarz. Punks ...