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DDT spray on beach

Mosquito control ...

DDT fogger spraying people

DDT breast cancer

The U.S. Army uses DDT to end the typhus epidemic in Naples.


An airplane spraying DDT over Baker County, Oregon as part of a spruce budworm control project, 1955

A U.S. soldier is demonstrating DDT hand-spraying equipment. DDT was used to control the spread of typhus-carrying lice.

File:DDT Powder.jpg

That giant cloud is DDT. Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

Today, DDT continues to be used in the fight against malaria and other diseases. Production is ongoing and obsolete stockpiles of DDT are in need of sound ...


Blausig, Kartoffelkäferbekämpfung Children spraying DDT ...

black and white image of DDT being sprayed


DDT Exposure During Pregnancy Linked To Breast Cancer

It took decades to realize the harm DDT caused. History may be repeating itself with

Spraying DDT on children in the pool

File:Gangrel DDT.jpg

Though DDT is no longer widely used, its effects on breast cancer risk may only just be beginning. Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

An advertisement for Pennsalt DDT. Ads in CHF’s new DDT collection show how

DDT Meaning

Michael Skinner didn't start the experiment with the hypothesis that he'd find a connection between the insecticide DDT and obesity.

Biplane spraying DDT to kill mosquitoes

DDT's Changing Face | March 4, 2013 Issue - Vol. 91 Issue 9 | Chemical & Engineering News

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Jake the Snake DDT

Not clear. DDT ...

... has a great scene re-enacting the way that children would frolick in the spray as the DDT trucks went by. Here are two screen shots from the trailer:

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With Zika being in the news constantly, and sounding a little worse every week, there have been murmurs about the possibility of using DDT to fight the ...

... Image of Dank Dudez "DD" ...

DDT Pesticide Effects on Ecology

10 Reasons to Join in the Weird Fun of DDT Universe

Ddt Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane 2864

Is DDT Still Being Used?

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Since DDT and PCBs were banned, the birds have rebounded. (Rebecca Lazarus/U.S. Geological Survey)


DDT accumulates ...

A helicopter sprays DDT ...

DDT Pro-Wrestling New Logo 2018.jpg

UGANDA: Activists Call For The Stop of DDT Malaria Insecticides

DDT affects the nervouse system by interfering with normal nerve impulses. DDT causes the nerve cells to repeatedly generate an impulse, this accounts for ...


DDT Still Killing Birds in Michigan

Spraying pesticides (stock image). The pesticide DDT ...

Another Atomic Bomb?, Chicago, Illinois, 1945. Cartoon by Carl Somdal. Originally published in Chicago Daily Tribune (August 24, 1945).

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DDT aedes aegypti

DDT so safe you can eat it 1947

DDT How it Kills Bugs 1946

Genitox, Guesapon, Guesarol, Gexarex, Gyron, Hildit, Ixodex, Kopsol, Neocid, OMS 16, Micro DDT 75, Pentachlorin, Rukseam, R50 and Zerdane.

Book cover with title and author on a steel drum. Man in uniform sprays DDT

DDT facts

Ciba Geigy DDT; "Destroys parasites such as fleas, lice, ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, flies, etc.. Néocide Sprinkle caches of vermin and the places where ...

Clutch of mallard eggs contaminated by DDT. The accumulation of DDT in many birds causes

DDT accumulation in the food chain

DDT was banned in the United States more than 40 years ago, but it's still killing birds in a town in Michigan

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Three people pack raw DDT into sacks in a hangar/bunker.

As part of a 1945 experiment, two researchers drain an artificial pond to see if

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Study says early DDT exposure may set up females for obesity, diabetes

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Dear Mr. Pruitt, today we talked about DDT


DDT is Harmless to Humans 1946

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Akito with the DDT Extreme Division Championship belt in September 2014

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Yuri Shevchuk and DDT.

Roleplay Character DD

f) DDT was used to kill mosquitoes

Klemdichtring Kraso DD/T

DDT spray log in Bosa (Sardinia)