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Anime Aesthetic 90s anime aesthetics Aesthetics into the ether

Anime Aesthetic 90s anime aesthetics Aesthetics into the ether


Anime Aesthetic, 90s anime aesthetics, Aesthetics · Archive · Ask me anything · A Blog For All things Sailor Moon (except Shingo)

Anime Aesthetic, 90s anime aesthetics, Aesthetics · Archive · Ask me anything · A Blog For All things Sailor Moon (except Shingo)

Anime Aesthetic, 90s anime aesthetics, Aesthetics · Archive · Ask me anything · A Blog For All things Sailor Moon (except Shingo)

The Wind Rises (2013)

HypeBeast Ninja at Konoha Trap Art, Character Design, Character Art, Vaporwave Art,

Anime Aesthetic, 90s anime aesthetics, Aesthetics · Archive · Ask me anything · A Blog For All things Sailor Moon (except Shingo)

What anime is this? Que anime é esse?

'Every girl is capable of murder, if you hurt her.

Metropolis (Metoroporisu, 2001)

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Yuri on Ice Memes Y Yaoi

"Pars avant qu'il ne revienne ! S'exclama Jimin affolé, me

Perfect Blue (Pafekuto Buru, 1997)

Summer Wars (Samâ uôzu, 2009)

A breakdown of Japan's thriving netlabel scene—a web-native realm where artists create their own aesthetic rules and distribute their music as they please.

Mostly active in Instagtam.

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (Inosensu, 2004)

You are my sunshine ✺. Find this Pin and more on Anime ...

R E T R O a C T I V E い ろ

Akira (1987)

Crunchyroll - La película 'No Game, No Life Zero' estrena imagen promocional

Nausicaä of Valley of the Wind (Kaze no tani no Naushika, 1984)


Satoshi's Gaming & Anime Place

Esto fue creado cuando el anime estaba en emisión. Bueno la 1° temporada,

Set new designs - Album on Imgur

Hand Shakers

Yuri on ice

International Womens Day 2017

Is Yamcha startled at the Saibaman.

Anime & K-Pop Hell


Barefoot Gen (Hadashi no Gen, 1983)

Anime Kpop Nerd

With the launch of Head Start comes a really big patch implementing changes to everything from ...


'Dragalia Lost' From Nintendo and Cygames Launches on September 27th in a Few Regions Including USA, Nintendo Direct to Air Showcasing the Game


Macross Plus: The Movie (Gekijouban Makurosu Purasu, 1995)

1, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Flemish Interior in the Fourteenth Century, 1863. Oil on canvas. Private collection. Photo: Tom Haartsen.

Isao Takahata on the film that inspired Studio Ghibli - image

Floral CRYSTAL ۞Aether TATZ☾ #vaporwave #aesthetic #vapourwave #vapor #wave #pink #wavy #purple #glitchart #netscape #webpunk ...

TVL Magazine #6

PC users can play Disgaea 2 free this weekend on Steam

i wish anime guys were real … . hold that thought they are *~


Little Norse Prince (Taiyô no ôji: Horusu no daibôken, 1968)

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition at TGS 2018 Plus English Gameplay Revealed – jomaliaband.com

Rayman Will Be Making His Fighting Game Debut in Brawlhalla

Tetsuro gets to know the train's crew, including its assiduous Conductor (Kaneta Kimotsuki), a squat, glowing-eyed entity in an official uniform, ...

"Dysphoria/Dysmorphia" by M. Laverick ...

Maltine Records


He tries to steal a pass for the Galaxy Express from a passenger at a ticketing office, bringing down the wrath of law enforcement.

Endangered Propose

Harlock turns up shortly after to thank Tetsuro for giving his friend's mortal remains a burial, and repays the favour by beating up some of Count Mecha's ...

CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare-

The Character Action Genre & You: What is Character Action? (By Foxcade) : DevilMayCry

Mental illness is not an easy subject to tackle in any form.

... even though she has her breasts practically just in the air, every other aspect of her design is unique, the long puffy hair, wings, giant ring, ...

And I only hope a focus on improving my overall writing will go along with it nicely. Okay then, let's get to it!

... Overly Animated Podcast #318. Dylan Hysen, Delaney Stovall, and Sam Quattro discuss the February 1st episode of Steven Universe, “The Zoo”.


Adieu, Galaxy Express also goes memorably for broke in a spectacular finale when an even more formidable threat than Prometheum and the mechanical empire ...

anime and quotes image

This aspect makes Galaxy Express 999 feel crucially similar to Jaromil Jires' Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970) in contending with the intensely ...

A bittersweet coda beholds the wastes of Great Andromeda, reduced to the frozen asteroid it was originally, the ghost of Prometheum's consciousness still ...

2236 A.D.

Bandai Namco PC Sale: Cheapest Ni No Kuni II, Tales Games

... 2-step to Jersey Club approximations to indie-pop while weaving in nerdier aspects of Japanese pop culture through video game noises and anime samples.

This process, overseen by self-proclaimed goddess Parca, decides who will get a chance to undo their untimely demise.

19 Brutal 'Ghost in the Shell' Memes Twitter Used to Rip Hollywood Whitewashing (Photos)

Their interactions are charged, but still ambiguous.

Neat, I can have the crusader from Darkest Dungeon fight Fish from Nuclear Throne

File: 1506229780898.jpg ...

Oh, wait, she's Usagi's ...

Early on in VA-11 HALL-A I was convinced that Dorothy was the best character of the bunch, but at some point when the game started ...

One night whilst gazing up into the sky, Tetsuro sees the familiar glowing green squiggle that is the Express's wake coiling through the sky, but no-one's ...

The gritty frontier atmosphere of Trader's Fork reproduces a western feel and exploits that genre's suppressed evocation of rootless melancholy to convey ...

... “Time's Arrow”.

Natural Artesian Aesthetics Sticker

Gunnerkrigg Court

... kin.me.ran - Dennis Yatras - Guess that would have happened eventually 😅

H ATEテア. Art. Aesthetic

Matsumoto's gleeful mix-and-match of ages and styles is even justified in terms of his tale's internal logic as the characters are all desperate to locate ...

Momodora IV is well worth the price of admission, and I know a lot of people are going to sleep on it, but you shouldn't. It's fantastic.

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The trial of witch

But instead I think I'll wait for the rumored Pokemon Stars to come out on the Switch. But I can't wait to jump back in!

I. C A N T. K E E P. R E P E A T I N G. . . . #aesthetic


I wish Tillie would let us into the one of how she keeps getting better and better! For this is, for me, her finest work yet.